Automatic blade press manipulator

Automatic blade press manipulator

Function introduction

Blade press manipulator is a kind of automatic equipment which is suitable for the process of taking parts, dedusting, weighing and regular placing in the production of CNC blades. According to the customer's requirements, it can finish the work efficiently and stably, and can be applied to all kinds of blades of different sizes.

The blade molding requires the use of all electric forming press, which is highly efficient and usually needs to be equipped with a blade press manipulator. The manipulator can take out the blade, clean the burr of the blade, weigh and measure, and transmit the measurement data to the press, the punch of the upper and lower press for cleaning, and the unqualified blade can be detected. It is equipped with 12 material bins, which can realize the automatic production of blade pressing.

At present, Osterwalder (Switzerland) press or DORST (Germany) press occupy the mainstream position in the press market, in addition to fette (Germany Feite), Kobayashi (Japan Kobayashi), komage (Germany kemega), Lauffer (Germany Lauffer) and other press equipment, the blade press manipulator developed by our company can be fully compatible with the above press equipment.

Brief introduction of main functions of equipment
  • Motion module layout: carefully plan the motion track of each functional position, reasonably arrange the module structure, so that the overall layout can meet the highest grasping efficiency and good stability of the manipulator.

  • Material bin warehouse: it has 12 material bin warehouses, which can meet the unmanned production requirements in mass production.
  • Ultra high precision measurement: the ultra-high precision electronic balance of Japan and or METTLER TOLEDO is used, with the precision of + / - 0.001 g. the weight of each blade can be detected, the weight of unqualified products can be removed according to the measurement results, and the data can be transmitted to the press. The press can adjust the pressing parameters in real time to improve the stability of blade production.

  • Quick change mechanism of pick-up manipulator: the quick change mechanism can easily switch back and forth between the picking tool and the cleaning tool, so as to improve the stability of blade production:
  1. The pilot quick change tooling is selected to switch the mechanical and manual tooling.
  2. Select the rexai stepping motor drive to realize blade rotation and angle change.
  3. Type of tooling: XiongKe claw, clamping, vacuum suction cup, spreading, brush and other functional tooling.


  • Conveying stone grinding plate parts
  1. Irobo module + servo is selected to realize blade row and disk line changing and stone grinding disk conveying and stacking.
  2. Use the flat belt conveyor line to transport the stone grinding plate to the stacking material plate position.
  3. SMC cylinder is selected to center the grinding disc.
  4. Germany Beckhoff servo motor, Japan tamakawa planetary reducer drive, THK screw slide rail is selected to design a set of lifting module.
  5. The servo drives the brush to rotate, and the high-power annular blower is used for dust extraction.

  • Sampling conveyor line: adopt flat belt conveyor to transport sampling blades.

  •  Deburring method of blade: deburring of blade can be carried out according to the specified path to make the blade edge smooth.
  • High speed reclaiming: when the manipulator completes all functions, the blade pressing production speed can reach 15pcs / min at most.
  • Press punch cleaning: clean the press punch in various ways to ensure that the press is always in good working condition.

Operation method

  •  Real time update of swinging results: according to the actual swinging progress, the finished blades can be color filled (red) to simulate on-site swinging results.


  • Wobble setting:
  1. It can set parameters of common types of CNC blades, simulate wobble results, and save the final parameters to facilitate the next production of similar blades;
  2. It can divide the areas on the graphite plate where the blades do not need to be placed for use in test experiments.

  • Adjust coordinate: when it is necessary to readjust the coordinate, just select the corresponding button. When the manipulator moves to the changed position, it will stop moving. At this time, use the teaching device to jog the manipulator and save the required coordinate value.



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