Mechanical Design Engineer
Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the application and development of automation equipment product structure, mechanical design, technical support and guidance of installation and commissioning.
2. Responsible for and implement product structure optimization and process improvement;
3. Responsible for the internal and external technical communication, product acceptance, technical data collection and other work;
4. Participate in the assembly and commissioning of products;
5. Solve the technical problems in the process of production, assembly and commissioning.
1. Major in mechanical design automation;
2. At least 2 years experience in non-standard automation equipment design.
3. Strong sense of teamwork and hard working;
4. Good language expression and communication and coordination skills; able to independently undertake product design tasks, can withstand work pressure, work conscientiously, down-to-earth, enterprising.
5. Familiar with the operation principle of mechanical structure, familiar with the principle and basic flow of automatic control;
6. Proficient in various design software such as Solidwroks and AutoCAD.

Equipment after-sales engineer
Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for assembly and debugging of automation equipment;
2. Delivery of equipment to customers, debugging equipment to ensure the normal operation of equipment;
3. Solve problems when customer equipment fails.
3. Other matters assigned by leaders.
1. More than 2-3 years experience in installation and commissioning of automation equipment;
2. Understand mechanical and electrical drawings, and be skilled in debugging transducers, servo motors and other related mechanical and electrical products;
3. Be able to adapt to travel all over the country and be diligent and willing to work
4. Careful thinking, conscientious work, good at communication, strong team spirit
5. Graduation of Mechanical and Electrical Integration, Electrical Automation, Machinery, etc.

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