Product Quality Assurance Period and Warranty Conditions
  • The quality guarantee period of the goods shall be 12 months from the date the customer issues the acceptance report, or 15 months from the date the goods arrive, whichever is the first arrival.
  • During the warranty period, quality problems are repaired free of charge and spare parts are provided free of charge. Parts and components that can not be solved after maintenance are repaired, except for the failure caused by customers.
Speed of solving problems and troubleshooting
  • The analysis and processing of customer information is required to reply to customers within 4 hours.
  • For customers who have the ability to eliminate machine tool failures and need replacement parts provided by the company, if there is spot in the company's stock, they can complete the receipt and dispatch within 4 hours; if there is no stock, they should contact the original manufacturer at the first time to dispatch the parts in the fastest way.
  • If the products used by customers can't be used normally and need to be repaired at home by service personnel, service personnel will be sent to the scene within 24 hours and 48 hours outside the province to deal with them. If the broken parts can't be repaired within 48 hours, our company will replace the new parts or provide substitute parts within 72 hours.
Training and guidance on equipment use
  • Provide technical training for customers, according to the degree of equipment application, on-site training of technical personnel, until customers can master the equipment performance and operation methods.
Other commitments for after-sales service
  • Installation: After the installation of process gas pipelines and electrical lines on the customer site is in place, the company informs our company that it will arrive at the customer site for installation and commissioning within three working days. Installation is carried out in batches according to the installation schedule provided by customers. The installation time of each automation equipment is 15 working days to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
  • Regular inspection: During the warranty period, our company provides at least four inspection and repair times a year, and provides life-long paid maintenance service for goods exceeding the warranty period. Only the cost of components and labor costs are charged for maintenance beyond the warranty period.
Contact mode of after-sales service
  • 0592-7166097

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